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Zoning what is it all about?

Do you have a floor in your home that is hard to cool or heat? In most cooling cases that would be the upstairs. With heating that would be the lower floors. Did you know you can have your Air conditioning and Heating system zoned. With a thermostat for each zone you will have full control of the temperature of each floor or zone. Controlled by dampers that open and close to heat or cool that zone.

Control Panels

When you think of the number one industry leader of zoning. There is only one and that is Arzel. With 40 years of experience leading the way manufacturing there own product. That is why they have a Lifetime  Warranty on there control panels. Call Quality Appliance Service 636-240-4739


The dampers use a medical grade pump to open and close the dampers when called to do so by the different zones. It is a quiet running system with no motors to wear out. It is the only zoning damper with a Lifetime Warranty. Control the dampers in each zone with its own thermostat. Have your home zoned with a new HVAC system