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Have you been Capped?

Do you have a GAS FURNACE and have recently had a new roof installed? If so, PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!
We have been finding that some roof installers do not fully understand how to properly install the roof top cap on your flue. On several furnace calls it has been found that the cap on the flue has been pushed down so far, that the furnace and water heater can’t breathe properly.

This is a very DANGEROUS situation! Carbon monoxide builds up in your home, that was supposed to vent out the rooftop flue and can make your family very sick….(CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING) Even worse, can lead to death. Proper venting insures that the carbon monoxide does not build up in your home. Check this by turning on your furnace and checking the top of your water heater where the flue starts. See if it is blowing back into your home. Because if it is blowing into your home, that indicates the carbon monoxide is NOT EXITING properly through the rooftop flue vent.
Immediately call a licensed and insured HVAC company to remedy the problem!
We recommend annually having your GAS furnace serviced before winter begins.

**Most common signs of CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING:
Headaches, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, chest pain and confusion.


Furnace Maintenance

Having a furnace break down in the middle of a cold winter day or night is never a good thing. Take the time to call us to set up an appointment to have your furnace  serviced, a furnace repair or even replaced. We offer a full line of repair services for your home.


Furnace Repair


Your Filter Is Important

It’s important to keep your system in top notch condition not only to save energy and money but also the safety of your family! Changing your furnace filter is strongly advised , Change your filter every 3 to 6 months depending upon the type of filter you have. It is the first step to have proper clean air flow and avoid a possible future furnace repair.

Saving Your Furnace

The first reason you have a filter is to protect your equipment. The second reason is to protect you and your family from airborne pollutants. Spending money on a new filter is so much better than spending a small fortune on medicine or a new system because it has been over heating because of a clogged filter. This over heating condition will lead to weakening your heat exchange from expansion and contraction and could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning  from having a cracked heat exchange. The heat exchange separates the warm gas flame from the air you breath in your home or office. The burning fuel warms the heat exchange which in turn warms the air in your home. Just change your filter and live better.

Check Your Flue


Don’t put off having your furnace serviced and cleaned. Don’t wait until it breaks to have it inspected. Call today~ 636-240-4739.


This was a flue that was in a customers home. We were not there to service the furnace. We just happen to spot it as we walked pass. As you can see the the small rust spots were actually somthing much bigger.  I could put my finger right through this piece of metal like it was paper.

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