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Aprilaire Auto Controller




600 ByPass

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Aprilaire Humidifier Series

Quality Appliance Service installs Aprilaire Humidifiers. They have proven themselves to last and outperform the competition. Buy your humidifier from Quality Appliance service and you will have the comfort of knowing it is installed correctly and we will stand behind the 5 year warranty.

Sure you can buy a look-alike from the big box stores. That is where the difference shows.

  • You may have saved some money but did you actually get done what you meant to?
  • Is your house getting the right amount of humidity?
  • Will you set your control at 3 or 5 or maybe 6? Install the  automatic controller and set it and forget it.

When the temperature outside goes up or down you will need to change the setting again to keep from having too much or too little humidity in your house.

All of those troubles are gone and out of mind with the Aprilaire Humidifiers. With the digital readout, you will not be guessing what the humidity level is you will see it. Install the  automatic controller and set it and forget it.

Aprilaire is the only one that offers fully automatic digital humidifier control.


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Aprilaire Air Cleaner Series


Aprilaire 2200, and 2400 Whole-House Media Air Cleaners deliver the most efficient,
cost-effective air cleaning for your home.

Model 2200: The Model 2200 is easily adaptable to up flow or horizontal duct configurations

Model 2400: The Model 2400 is compact, great for use with today’s shorter furnaces in platform or closet



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