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Clean lint from the lint tray before you use the dryer each time. Proper air flow will cut down the drying time, as well as wear and tear on the unit and your clothes. When drying clothes, factor in the cool-down cycle to allow the clothes to finish drying with the residual heat in the dryer. Have your dryer vent cleaned out every year. This will keep your electric bills down and will prevent your clothes from overheating and shirking.

Fires from lint buildup are a real danger. Have your Dryer serviced once a year. Have the lint cleaned out and the belts and pulleys checked. Having the lint cleaned out is very important. Lint is very flammable. Wash your lint filter every six months. Use a soft brush and a little dish washing soap. Wash and Rinse and put it back in your dryer and run the dryer for about ten minutes to dry it. This will keep it from rusting.

When loading place similar clothing types together (separate heavy cottons from lighter material clothes) to prevent over heating and wasting energy.

Don’t overload the unit. Overloading doesn’t allow enough space for the clothes to tumble and they will take longer to dry.

Did you purchase a front loading washer? Front-loading washers spin faster than top loading washers so they leave less water in your clothes than top-load washers. Using a front loading washer will keep your dryer from working as hard. This will not only save you energy it will keep your clothes looking brighter longer.

Make sure to close the door to your wash room in summer and keep it open in winter. Closing the wash room
door will keep the dryer from heating up the whole house in summer. In the winter, keeping the door open will add a
bit of extra heat to the house.


Dryers should only be repaired by a skilled technician who has been trained with the knowledge and experience to
safely repair them. Repairs performed by unqualified people risk serious injury or even death.

A Gas Dryer using a Standard 115 volt wall outlet can carry 150 times enough current needed to kill a person.

A Electric Unit will carry 300 times enough current to kill a person

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