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washer repair

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Replace your washer hoses from the faucet to the washing machine every five years. Check your connections for leaks that can damage your home and your machine. Be sure to turn off the faucets whenever you will not be using the washing
machine for an extended period of time. Check your washer drain hose to make sure that it is properly secured so it won’t fall out of your drain pipe and flood your home. Check for kinked drain hoses that will restrict the draining of your washing machine and cause unnecessary wear and tear on the machine’s pump.


If your unit is going off balance check and make sure the Washer is level and the washing machine’s feet are locked down. Check your to see if your floor is solid, If your dryer is bouncing along with your washer your floor maybe weak.


If your machine has an exposed lint filter make sure you keep it clean and the holes open. With that said, most washing machines today have a self clean lint filter that you can’t see and should work properly for the life of the machine. See your user’s manual also to determine if any other maintenance is necessary.


Do not overload your washer. Not only does it add wear on your machine but it will NOT clean your clothes properly. It can cause your machine to go off balance and cause damage to your floor and to your washing machine. If your clothes are not moving very much then the water level is set to low or your washing machine is overloaded.


Use the proper amount of detergent for the clothes you are washing (Read the instructions) also use the right kind of detergent. Using the wrong detergent for a front loading machine will cause soap to build up and mold to build up around the door gasket and interior of the unit. Front loaders must use HE detergent. Saving money on cheap detergent is not a good idea. You get what you pay for and you paid for good clothes and you want them to look good when they come out of your machine.


Save money and energy when you wash with warm water. Hot water uses twice the amount of energy as washing with warm water. On the flip side using cold water, below 55 degrees will not dissolve your soap properly and can leave residue on your clothing. Pre soaking is needed for any items that have stains on them. Check the instructions on the box of detergent and garment instructions for care as well. Use the proper amount of water for the size of load you are washing. Using too much water on a smaller load will not clean your clothes properly. There is not enough agitation to do the job. However do not overload your machine as this can result in dirty clothes, not rinsed properly.

Have your washer serviced by a professional. Have the belts and the
couplers checked. Also have the pulleys and water supply checked and the spin cycle tested.    Attempting to repair a washing machine without the proper training is dangerous.

Washing machines should only be repaired by a skilled technician who has been trained with the knowledge and experience to safely repair them. Repairs performed by unqualified people risk serious injury or even death.


A Standard 115 volt wall outlet can easily carry 150 times the current needed to kill a person.

We service all major brands including the following:

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