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The End Of R22 Freon

What A long road it has been with R22 Freon.

Freon R22

Focusing in on 2020

How do you know what kind of refrigerant is in your air conditioner? Look for your Model Number plate on the side of your outdoor unit. it will say either R22 or R410A. If you have R410A you are good to go. If you have R22 read on.

Freon R22 OR R410A ?

If your air conditioner uses Freon R22. The Freon will no longer be manufactured after January 1 2020. There are alternative refrigerants that can be used. They are not drop-ins. You cannot simply (TOP OFF) the unit with refrigerant. If your unit is using R22 Freon and leaking this year it is time to decide on new equipment for the future.

Alternative refrigerants will not work well without making changes to your system. This means investing more money into an already failing system is not a wise choice.

Yes, Chlorodifluoromethane commonly identified as Freon is coming to its end on January 1, 2020. For example this means next spring when the time comes and the temperature starts to climb. You could be headed to a harsh reality. Your favorite Service company might not have the right Freon to just top off your air conditioner to get it up and running like in the past. Even if you have a small leak and just need a little Freon R22 to make it efficient. But what to do?


To sum up you will have 2 choices. Well, actually 3.

  1. Replace your system ahead of time if you know it’s a leakier
  2. Continue to invest money into your old system. Changing it over to a different refrigerant and then continue to add refrigerant every year because you still have the same problem.
  3. Do nothing and live in the St Louis Heat and Humidly

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