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Better Business Bureau

How do you keep good ratings with the Better Business Bureau or the BBB? 

Here at Quality Appliance Service we strive to keep our customers happy. Our appliance services and installation of your heating and air conditioning systems is our number one goal. Quality does this by installing the best equipment.

American Standard Heating and air conditioning equipment. American Standard has systems from 13 to 21 SEER. We can develop a system for your home and your budget.

Aprilaire humidifiers. Humidifiers keep your home from drying out in the winter because it adds moisture to your air as your furnace takes it away.

Arzel Zoning. Having the knowledge to be able to zone your home. Each level can have its own thermostat by using the Arzel damper system. You will be able to set your own comfort level on each floor or zone.

Being a family run business, we take the time to give each customer the special treatment they deserve and expect.

Quality Appliance Service does not use big advertising budgets. Like some companies you see on your TV or radio that has to charge you extra to pay for all their up-front cost. We don’t pressure sell you on new equipment or make you feel like you have to sign the contract before we leave, or the deal is off. We will instead come to your home or business and see what needs to be done and ask you what you are expecting and looking for and give you choices to choose from. Emailing you this information so you can review it and ask questions will lead to a better purchase

We started doing this in 1961 and carry on that tradition to this very day. If you ever feel we could do better call or email us. Check out our AAA rating with the Better Business Bureau